Sativa Marijuana

Sativa refers to tall, narrow leaf varieties of cannabis. Not all the Sativa marijuana strains will provide energy to users. Most users get uplifting and stimulating effects. Sativa helps mitigate anxiety and stress. It also boosts motivation or creativity. You can also call it daytime strain. It is also one of the premium quality weed strains.


Marijuana contains several chemical compositions. One of them is THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol. It is also responsible for most of the physiological effects that produce the high. Another major cannabinoid is CBD. In short, it has medicinal value for controlling Epilepsy and other neurological disorders.


Sativa is found in hot and dry climates with long sunny days. As a result, Sativa is found in Africa, America, Southeast Asia, and Western Asia.

Important Cannabinoids

The best quality weed strains have more than 100 active ingredients. THC and CBD are also one of them. THC produces both euphoric and psychoactive effects.


There are several effects of Sativa marijuana on the users and these effects also vary according to the users.

  • Happy feeling.
  • Uplifting.
  • Euphoric
  • Creative.
  • Focus.
  • Boost of Serotonin.

Serotonin is involved in our brain’s regulation of sleep, anxiety, appetite, movement, learning, and overall mood.

Famous Sativa Weed Strains

There are a lot of Sativa marijuana strains in the market to use. These are widely used.

  • Amnesia Haze.
  • Durban Poison.
  • Green Crack.
  • Jack Herer.
  • Sour Diesel.
  • Strawberry Cough.
  • Super Lemon Haze.
  • Super Silver Haze.

How To Use Sativa

You can also use it in the daytime because of its stimulating impact. High-grade Sativa marijuana weed strains can be used in several ways:

  • Firstly, Vaping or Smoking.
  • Secondly, Capsules or supplements.
  • Thirdly, Eating weed raw.
  • Furthermore, Brew it as tea.
  • Finally, Consume it as candies or brownies.

Sativa is also used as a source of seed oil, industrial fiber, food, and religious moods. Each part of the plant is also harvested differently. It depends upon the purpose of use.


The use of Sativa also has several risks, and it also depends upon several factors. Below is the risk associated with its use:

  • Firstly, Impairment of judgment.
  • Secondly, Testicular cancer.
  • Thirdly, Immune response rate.
  • Furthermore, Short-term memory loss.
  • Addiction.

To know more about other marijuana strains like Indica , Hybrid, Mushrooms or shatter extracts, etc. visit our website.

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